Four Flops In A Row, But Hero Still Getting Offers

Four Flops In A Row, But Hero Still Getting Offers

Few heroes who make to the film industry on their own by getting selected at auditions often end up without offers in hand, if they have a couple of flops in a row. But then, some heroes don't just whiter away no matter how many flops they get.

Here comes hero Karthikeya Reddy of RX100 fame, who has already come up with another film before that, which is a super flop. And after that cult movie, he has releases like Hippi, Guna 369, Gang Leader (as a villain) and 90ML in a row, but the four films flopped big time. And still, Geetha Arts took him aboard for "Chaavu Kaburu Challaga" movie being directed by newcomer Kaushik.

While the buzz has that Karthikeya is doing this film because he himself is investing into this project but through Geeth Arts banner, people close to hero are claiming that only due to talent the hero got this offer. Whatever it may be, hope the film will not be a fifth flop in a row as Telugu audiences are not quite forgiving.

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