Kangana Irritated by Telugu Fans!

Kangana Irritated by Telugu Fans!

Reportedly to carve out those old vintage looks of the film "Thalaivi", the biopic of Tamilnadu's late CM Jayalalitha, heroine Kangana Ranaut is shooting pretty much in Hyderabad and Chennai only. Because these are the two South hubs that have still those old studios that produced major motion pictures of Jaya's era.

Apparently, when the shooting of Thalaivi is going on at Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad, the bad experience she had is said to have left the whole team in a shocker. Few folks who happen to be onlookers on the set have rushed to Kangana during shot gaps for selfies. Despite providing her a thick blanket of bouncer-cover, these folks managed to reach her.

As the situation repeated for a couple of days, Kangana is said to have got irritated and since then all the mobiles from technicians and other staff are being snatched by the security personnel and only authorised people are allowed inside the sets. Usually, this fan rushing is there on all the sets, but it looks Kangana experienced for the first time as South Indians love their movie stars like demi-gods.

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