#RRR Leakage: Rajamouli's Mindset Changed?

#RRR Leakage: Rajamouli's Mindset Changed?

Recently a video allegedly shot at the shooting spot of #RRR in Araku Valley got leaked and immediately the film's producer DVV Danayya swung into action to get the videos removed from the social media. But then, the whole incident is being discussed in another way too.

Back then, when the shooting of Baahubali is going on in the hilly areas (rock gardens) of Kurnool, the first-ever 'leak' from the shooting spot happened. Since then, many times many leaks happened. But none of them has affected the film's progress and impact in theatres. And then, Rajamouli didn't respond harshly on those leakages.

When a film is being shot in a public place, usually some way or the other few on-the-spot videos tend to get shot and circulated by outsiders. But then, Rajamouli never took action through 'copyright' teams when such videos are circulated on Twitter or YouTube by media folks and other people.

Some say that Rajamouli's mindset has changed from Baahubali to #RRR and now he thinks that any single leakage will give unwanted clues of the film thereby affecting the film's business.

From Baahubali to RRR.. the way he is treating leakages has changed..

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