And Still, Suresh Babu Sold It to Amazon Prime

And Still, Suresh Babu Sold It to Amazon Prime

Back then, when producer Suresh Babu stated that OTT platforms are eating away the film market, many filmmakers got shivered. And then, Suresh is the person responsible for bringing a condition to delay a film's release for almost 50 days from the original release date on these digital streaming sites.

Amidst these happening, many felt that Suresh might not go for these OTTs to give away his films. But then, the appearance of 'Amazon Prime Video' as the Streaming Partner at the beginning title cards of Venky Mama has surprised everyone. Despite expressing so many concerns about OTTs, many wonder how come Suresh sold his own film to the same platforms.

Well, some trade experts say, "Suresh Babu is never against the selling of films to OTT platforms. But he only urged filmmakers to come up with better content that the audience will step out of OTT platforms to catch up films in theatres. And he never said to not sell digital rights of films, as that is also one of the ways to recover a film's budget".

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