Thaman cried, but forgot to do his work?

Thaman cried, but forgot to do his work?

Venky Mama is the first film of the season for music director Thaman, who has films like Prathiroju Pandage, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and Disco Raja in the order of release. And if we have to go by the statements made about him (made by him) regarding the flick and the music output, they are actually in contrast.

Director Bobby stated that Thaman cried after watching the second half of the film, and revealed that the emotional quotient of the movie is super connecting. Of course, the second half is emotional, but then, Thaman's background score in certain places is pathetic. It's like watching a low-budgeted film that has no money to bring costly equipment and depends only on Harmonium to create background music.

So what happened to Thaman who is a master of creating background scores? By watching the film, he has cried but has forgotten to score properly to elevate certain scenes. Especially in the first half, his score for the comedy scenes looked like watching pretty 90s movie rather a new age flick.

Maybe Thaman is loaded with too much work that he is not able to do justice to the background score of Venky Mamay, they say.

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