That Glimpse of Samantha in 'Venky Mama'

That Glimpse of Samantha in 'Venky Mama'

From couple of weeks, there is a rumour doing rounds that Samantha will be seen in a special appearance in the film "Venky Mama". But frankly speaking, there is no such special appearance of her in any scene as she doesn't want to do that in their family films back to back after she appeared in one such role in Manmadhudu 2.

But for fans who might get disappointed to missing out Samantha in a Chay film, producer Suresh Babu has given a glimpse of her. Way back in June this year, Samantha turned up at Pahalgam, Kashmir where the shooting of 'Venky Mama' took place. Many thought that she is actually doing a special cameo as her personal staff also went there.

But she just visited the sets of the film, and that could be seen in the 'behind the scenes' video shown to the audience at the end of the film. During the end credit rolls, that moment when Samantha flashed on the screen for a second, crowds went berserk in many theatres.

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