Dorasani in Ranga Marthanda?

Dorasani in Ranga Marthanda?

Senior hero Rajasekhar and Jeevitha's younger daughter Shivatmika has made her debut with the not so successful "Dorasani" movie. But the actress has made a mark by impressing critics with her performance as the daughter of a feudal lord in that film that featured Vijay Devarakonda's brother Anand in the lead role.
After taking a break in order to prepare and finish off her college exams, it looks like Sivathmika is back to acting once again. This time she will be featuring in none other than Krishna Vamsi's upcoming film Ranga Marthanda that has stalwarts like Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam and Ramya Krishna playing the major roles.

We hear that Sivathimika will be seen in the role of Prakash and Ramya's daughter in the movie, and her performance is going to stand out. Because the whole of the second half actually is hooked on her character only, and that role will be changing the pace of the story.

Though this role is not something glamorous, standing out or a main heroine types, Sivathmika is said to have picked it out as it challenges her to perform at par alongside Prakash, Ramya and Brahmi in a couple of scenes.

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