Murari To Uri- Venky Mama Didn't Leave Any

Murari To Uri- Venky Mama Didn't Leave Any

Spoiler Alert: For those hasn't watched Venky Mama yet, this article might ruin the experience inside a theatre.

When the titles are rolling for 'Venky Mama', big names like Kona Venkat (Additional Screenplay), Satyanand (special thanks for the help in script), Janardhan Maharshi (Base story) appear, giving us a feel that director Bobby made use of big talents to bring out a superb story to life.

But after watching the film, one couldn't stop recollecting the number of old movies this team has lifted to weave the story of Venky Mama. The astrology related stuff reminds us of scenes from Murari, but the whole thread is weaved without any conviction here in Venky Mama.

At the same time, the military stuff reminds us of URI movie for a while where the Indian army does a surgical strike across the border. Then comes Roja, where the heroine goes deep into Kashmir in search of her husband, while her Venky goes to search his nephew.

And the Raashi Khanna comedy reminds us of Premante Idera movie, but with a role reversal. Like how Venky goes to a village from Hyderabad in that film, here Raashi goes to a village in a similar fashion. On a whole, Venky Mama leaves us with a tinge of watching so many other movies than a original film.

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