#SyeRaa: KCR, Jagan Shock Chiranjeevi?

#SyeRaa: KCR, Jagan Shock Chiranjeevi?

Megastar Chiranjeevi's long-time dream of starring in an epic costume drama got fulfilled with the magnum opus 'Sye Raa', which is produced by none other than his son on Konidela Productions banner. But with the production costs escalating to vast investments, the matinee idol tried all possible ways to make it a blockbuster.

Though Sye Raa turned out to be impressive at the Telugu box office, it failed miserably in overseas and also at the Bollywood front. Owing to that, Megastar tried to create some publicity for the movie by meeting the likes of Vice-President, Prime Minster and CMs of Telugu states. The likes of Venkaiah Naidu and YS Jagan have received Chiru with huge warmth and watched the film too.

At the same time, Chiranjeevi is said to have requested them to grant a tax exemption for Sye Raa owing to the fact that it was made on the subject of patriotism and how a lone Telugu guy fought with Britishers much before the 1857 revolt. However the governments haven't approved of the proposal and we hear that Sye Raa lost an additional 40 crores to GST, which would have helped them recover through the losses.

On the other hand, Sye Raa balance sheet is yet to be out and some say Charan would have incurred no losses, though he will not be making profits.

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