After A Long Wait, Nagarjuna Puts Up A Tweet

After A Long Wait, Nagarjuna Puts Up A Tweet

Apparently there is a talk in Film Nagar as to why the Daggubatis are not getting the support of Akkinenis when it comes to promoting "Venky Mama". Though Chay equated this film to that of a "Manam", neither Nagarjuna nor Akhil have wished luck for the film or part of any other promotional activities.

However other day, Nagarjuna has finally put up a tweet for the movie. "Wishing dear Chay Akkineni and and team all the best for #VenkyMama" he tweeted. Also Akhil joined in doing the same, as he tweeted, "Wishing victory venky mama and my silent killer brother Chay all the best for their big release tomorrow ! Rock it guys. #venkymama for the win".

These tweets might give some relief to those worried fans that Chay's family is not rallying behind Venky Mama. However, they say that Nagarjuna and Akhil's presence at pre-release event would have created more impact on the promotions of the movie.

VenkyMama is set for a massive released today, watch this space for our review and other updates.

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