Gollapudi Maruthi Rao - King of the Telugu literature

Gollapudi Maruthi Rao - King of the Telugu literature

Gollapudi Maruthi Rao - The name itself reminds us of a great actor, realistic writer, theatre actor, and screenwriter/playwright ever.  Prominently known for his Telugu movies, vintage novels and his unmatched Telugu literature, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao passed away today in Chennai at the age of 80. For his immense talent and one of its kind human being, 80 years seems to be real short and we miss him dearly.

Considered as one of the most accomplished authors and actors in the history of Telugu literature and cinemas, Gollapudi was among the two Telugu states most beloved human beings for his magnanimity and sensible political or social spectrums. As a young man himself, Gollapudi once lost a job in a renowned newspaper organization for unable to spell 'cigarette' to one of their acknowledged writers. Later, the same company invited him to write a few special features on memorable occasion like the creation of Amravathi and formation of Andhra.

In fact, it is far-fetch to even believe that Gollapudi was once poor in English as he is known for being a great orator and excellent in vocabulary or grammar. Back in 1959, when Gollapudi did his post-graduation in Mathematical Physics, he couldn't even speak an English sentence impeccably in proper grammar. During then, he blamed his English spoken skills for losing every interview that he attended.

Later in 1969, with the help of famous figures like Narla Venkateswara Rao who is ex-editor of Andhra Prabha and Tenneti Viswanathan, he could meet the then editor of Andhra Poabhad Neelamraju Venkataseshaih in Vijayawada and got an offer to write a daily column in the edition. He was asked to transfer English bulletins into Telugu which helped him profoundly to learn English.

That is how Gollapudi transformed himself into writing poetry in English like no one could ever just by learning appropriate English idioms and expression. Gollapudi also worked for Hans India for  penning a  weekly column English, Times of India for proofreading and as a chief editor. In fact, TOI also stressed Gollapudi to be the editor of their newly launched monthly magazine in Telugu called Surabhi Telugu Magazine. Having worked for a special article in Hans India during IPL time, Gollapudi thinks those times were a big plus to plunge into English journalism.

Having written experience for almost  a whopping 63 years, both in Telugu and English, Gollapudi's noted literary works and plays are Rendu Rellu Aaru, Patita, Karuninchani Devatalu, Mahanatudu, Kaalam Venakku Tirigindi, Aasayaalaku Sankellu. Apart from his passion for writing novels and columns, he was also, a great actor showcasing his talent in movies like Samsaaram Oka Chadarangam, Challenge, Swati Muthyam, Gudhachari No.1, Abhilasha, Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya, Palletoori Monagaadu, Aditya 369, Murari, Joker to the latest Kanche, Size Zero.

He acted in more than 250 films and also tried his luck in direction, scriptwriting and dialogue writing. Gollapudi earlier worked as a host and station in-charge for All India Radio, which he continued to do so even after he moved into the theatre circuit. He has received several awards like state awards for his literary works. Condolences have poured in over the senior actor's death. Andhra Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu, actors like Nani, Allari Naresh, Sudheer Babu etc.

The Telugu states are currently mourning the loss of a great writer who mesmerized readers with his weekly column, "Jeevana Kaalam", published in Andhra Jyothy for nearly 20+ years and his autobiography Amma Kadupu Challaga, a 550-page compendium of his memoirs. Having covered every nuance of a human soul, Gollapudi's writings are of supreme achievements even by today standards.

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