Director Asks For Glamour, Ismart Girl Says NO

Director Asks For Glamour, Ismart Girl Says NO

Barring few negligible heroines, most heroines these days are seen in revealing outfits and figure-hugging costumes. That way everyone is literally pouring more glamour on the silver screen. But many do quit doing glamorous roles after they become superstars. However, this hottie is quitting just after one hit film.

There is this 'ismart' girl whose terrific show of assets and curves went viral when her recent hit film released. Apparently this hottie has shot to fame only for her glamour treat first while the dubbing artist who is giving voice to her is saving her in the scenes. But then, the heroine started giving shockers to her upcoming films' makers.

Apparently, when the director of her upcoming film wanted her too look super hot in a song that is being shot in a special set, she's said to have walked away from the shooting spot. Because she doesn't want to wear revealing costumes and said to the director that audiences want to see her expressions but not hotness.

Well, looks like heroine is surely daydreaming about her acting prowess, but the reality is the opposite of it.

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