Donga: Good Trailer But Tough Competition

Donga: Good Trailer But Tough Competition

With 'Khakhee' and 'Khaidi' hero Karthi is in super form. Like his brother Suriya, Karthi is doing wide range of roles and getting the audiences applause. Now Karthi has better following than his brother and so many directors are showing interest to work with him.

But Karthi is picking directors of his choice and has teamed up with Jeethu Joseph who made the sensational film like 'Drishyam.' Karthi and Joseph's is titled 'Donga' (Thambi in Tamil) and the trailer of it was unveiled last evening.

It is a tale of a family compromising of a father, mother, sister and brother. However the young lad goes absconding in the childhood and returns as an adult. Does the youngster is really the one or is he eyeing the assets of the family. The rest should be watched on the big screen. Going by the trailer, it is packed with action, love and entertainment elements. The emotions can also be seen here but it's the backdrop that is unalike.

This is for the first time Karthi and his real-life sister-in-law Jyothika are teaming up as brother and sister. Their performance with the touch of actor Satyaraj would undoubtedly be the main asset of the film. But can the film survive a tough competition is a million Dollar question.

'Donga' is releasing for Christmas and this is the main reason. Many Telugu films have struggled for a release during this season and in spite of this a bunch of films are hitting the screens. The likes of 'Ruler', 'Prati Roju Pandaage' followed by 'Iddari Lokam Okate' and 'Mathu Vadalara' have already locked their berth. The biggie 'Venky Mama' is releasing just a little ahead but if at all the film gets a good talk and it will dominate the box office and the following week will have four releases.

Amidst such testing situation, 'Donga' getting theatres is really a hard task. If it manages and releases, how does it will fare at the box office are some of the questions only time can answer us.

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