#Viveka Murder: 'Will hang myself in public if Proved'!

#Viveka Murder: 'Will hang myself in public if Proved'!

From the past few days the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has speed up their probe in the mysterious death of YS Vivekananda Reddy. The SIT has summoned notices to many people who have association with Viveka and it is going on.

The other day the SIT has served notices to BJP leader Adinarayana Reddy and was asked to come for questioning on December 12th. Responding on this Adinarayana Reddy called on the media and clarified that he has nothing to do with Viveka's murder.

"Not even one percent connection I have with this case but I will be myself before the SIT and will answer to the questions. If they prove that I have a hand in this case, I will hang myself in public. What will Jagan do, if it is proved that their own family members are involved," questioned Adinarayana Reddy.

The BJP leader further said that nobody trusts the SIT probe and the YSRCP government is sincere, they should hand over the case to CBI.

Earlier this year in March, Viveka was found dead in his residence under mysterious circumstances. Till date the real culprits are yet to be caught.

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