One More Sequel For Anushka After Baahubali?

One More Sequel For Anushka After Baahubali?

Though director Rajamouli has first thought of making a single film titled "Baahubali", the story span was so large that he has decided to split into two parts when they are halfway through the shooting. And then, both parts of Baahubali franchisee have become super hits at the box office.

Since then, many films are trying to explore this 'two-part' idea, but only KGF has made the most of it. After the first part flopped, many filmmakers have dropped the idea of making the sequel. And now, we hear that Anushka is heading for another sequel on the lines of Baahubali with her latest movie 'Nishabdam', no matter how this first part turns out to be. Wonder why?

Actually, after they have readied their slick cut on the editing table, the film is said to be standing at 4 hours length. That prompted Kona Venkat to come up with the idea of hiding some major twists from the film and filming a couple of days more such that they will get two 2.5 hours films. Though everyone involved in the movie is yet to give nod, discussions are going on now about this.

Directed by Hemanth Madhukar, Nishabdam has Anushka, Madhavan, Anjali and Shalini Pandey in key roles, while Hollywood actors Michael Madsen played a crucial role. The film is set for Jan 31, 2020 release.

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