Venky Gives Back To Rana At Football Match

Venky Gives Back To Rana At Football Match

Senior hero Venkatesh happens to be a hardcore fan of cricket and he has made his presence felt not only at World Cup matches and IPL matches but also at those state league matches played by Telugu teams. Such a hardcore fan of cricket, has other day surprised everyone as he turned up at a Football match in Hyderabad.

Leaving his busy promotion schedule of Venky Mama movie, Venkatesh is said to have got disappeared for more than 3 hours, in order to visit this match being played Hyderabad Football Club with another team, as part of the Indian Soccer League matches. One wonders what made Venky put a pause on the promotions of his Dec 13th releasing movie, but there is a lovable reason behind it.

When people have asked why did Venky left promotions for the football match, he's said to have told them: "Rana is doing so much for the film Venky Mama, that he has not invited any celebs to cheer up his own Hyderabad FC team in ISL. As his Baabai, it's my duty to give back love to him at this need of the hour".

Well, that's what you call giving value to relationships over anything else. Don't many folks expect all their 'Baabais' to be like this?

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