Poor response Worrying Balayya's Ruler!

Poor response Worrying Balayya's Ruler!

In a shocking development, there is poor response from trade for Nandamuri Balakrishna's forthcoming release Ruler. As the film is all set for release on Dec 20, the theatrical business of the film is not closed for a single area. Trade sources reveal that Balayya's shocking weight loss, disappointing teaser and trailer have affected the film's theatrical business to the core.

Producer C Kalyan is said to be a worried lot with this shocking poor response. He thought the success of Jai Simha would help Ruler. He had thought the powerful title 'Ruler' and mass elements would get business offers from distributors. Even the glamour of heroines shown in the trailer have not helped the film's theatrical business.

All these factors have acted against the film's business. As usual, Balayya is not bothered about this and he has moved onto his next film with director Boyapati Sreenu.

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