'I cried 4 times watching Nani's Jersey'

'I cried 4 times watching Nani's Jersey'

B-town actor Shahid Kapoor, after wooing his fans with Arjun Reddy's remake Kabir Singh is doing another remake of Telugu. Nani's hit film Jersey will be made in Hindi as well, with Shahid Kapoor as a lead role. After, Arjun Reddy's remake, Kabir Singh, received a lot of flak for the content in the film. Both in Telugu and Hindi, Arjun Reddy/Kabir Singh has been put against many people for showing or glorifying misogyny, violence and abusive love story.

Shahid Kapoor is now full-on busy with the Hindi version of Jersey and while talking to the media at the Star Screen Awards on Monday, the actor revealed that he cried four times after watching the Telugu version of Jersey because he could relate to the lead character, who is also close to his age. Shahid quoted as - "Firstly, I did not show any interest in doing another remake after Kabir Singh because people might that I'm only doing remakes. I wanted to do an original film. But, after watching Nani's Jersey, it touched my heart. Besides being a film on cricket, it tells the story of a 36-year-old man who has a six-year-old son".

Shahid Kapoor is also 38-year-old and he has a daughter Misha Kapoor, aged four. Hence, the story made the actor feel closer and much familiar.  He added: "Even at times, I feel that I am not delivering a blockbuster film, so what should I do? Should I try something else? There is a time in everyone's life when we wonder why we are not doing well in life. Then you do something else, or make some kind of compromise."

The Telugu version of the film has moved Shahid tremendously and he added, "Deep down, I feel you should do things you love or feel connected to, whether you get success or not. Satisfaction by heart is important. That's the message of this film. Actually, I cried four times when I saw the film. His journey is inspiring".

Last month, the actor shared a video on his Instagram, where he is seen practising cricket for Jersey film. In the video, he is seen hitting a clean six over mid-on. The Hindi version of Jersey is scheduled for a release on August 28 2020. The film will be directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, who also directed the Telugu original.

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