3 Weeks, 4 Films @ Targeting All South States

3 Weeks, 4 Films @ Targeting All South States

In the coming three weeks of December, we have films like Venky Mama, Ruler, Prathiroju Pandage, Iddari Lokam Okate and Mathu Vadalara are hitting Telugu screens. But there is competition from other non-Telugu biggies which actually want to snatch a crown. Here goes the interesting snippet.

There are four big films right now that are actually trying to sweep not just in their native languages, but also trying to make their presence in all of the south.  The first of them is Mammotty's Malayalam movie "Mamangam" which is also hitting cinemas in all the four South languages. As the trailer turned out to be impressive with its historical look, the film is eyeing big.

Later we have Siva Karthikeyan's Hero movie, which is releasing a big way in Tamil on December 20th. We hear that preparations are being made either to release the dubbed versions in other south languages within a week gap. As the concept of the film resembled a superhero flick if the trailer is anything to go by, expectations are high from it.

Of course, if Baahubali, Saaho and Sye Raa could go to Bollywood, why not Hindi movies come here? So we have Salman Khan's Dabangg 2 getting released in Telugu along with Hindi and other southern languages on December 25th. As the trailer promised a mass commercial flick, who knows, it might click big time as Prabhudeva's South sensibilities also come advantage to it.

Finally, we have Kannada movie Avane Srimannarayana, which is releasing in south languages and Hindi in the lines of KGF. As the trailer received a terrific response upon release, the makers are hoping that the December 27th release is going to register earth shattering openings.

So, in the next 3 weeks, we have 4 films, of which 2 have superstars Salman and Mammootty, trying to snatch away the No 1 crown at the box office in other languages. Let's see what happens.

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