KGF Vs Saaho: The Truth About Amazon Prime Views

KGF Vs Saaho: The Truth About Amazon Prime Views

"Most Viewed Film 2019" is the talk that has taken social media by a storm in the last two days as people started claiming that films like Saaho, War and KGF have topped the chart on Amazon Prime Video when it comes to most views. So which film is the most viewed one anyway?

From Telugu folks, the claim is that Saaho is the most viewed movie on Amazon Prime including all the languages. And Hindi folks are busy claiming that War is the most watched movie, while Kannada folks are quick to respond that KGF is the most watched one. Then there are those who say, Lucifer is the movie watched film, while others felt that Amala Paul's nude film Aadai and Hindi movie Gully Boy did the unimaginable. Among all, the battle of Saaho vs KGF is turning ugly on social media as fans are fighting with each other.

Well, hold your horses right now, because there is no truth in any of these claims. Actually, to date, Amazon Prime Video never officially released any news related to the views of the films on the platform. Internally they will be measuring what are the types of first four films a subscriber is watching after signing up in order to study the subscriber trends, but they haven't revealed anything about the views.

So which film is most watched in 2019 in India is something only Amazon could tell, but none else. All the claims on social media are just rumours and gossips we must say.

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