KJO Finding Star Hindi Heroine For Devarakonda

KJO Finding Star Hindi Heroine For Devarakonda

In a bid to release their next in Bollywood as well, director-producer Puri Jagan and his "Fighter" hero Vijay Devarakonda are trying every possible option. Finally, we hear that they are said to have landed in a major deal with a Bollywood producer to do the same.

Ever since Vijay started frequenting Mumbai to get close with Bollywood personnel, he's got much closer to Karan Johar. Since then, Karan is said to have made an agreement to make movies with Vijay D as well and now he's said to have got aboard "Figher" too.

The latest update is that Karan Johar will be now joining as a partner to this project and he will be finding a leading Bollywood heroine for the film. Earlier the likes of Jhanvi Kapoor and Kiara Advani have rejected this Telugu film, but now that Karan is aboard and also the chances of making the movie's Hindi release quite possible, many starlets may form the beeline.

Some inside reports are coming up that Karan Johar may set up Alia Bhatt for this film, or someone close to him including the likes of Sara Alia Khan if not Jhanvi Kapoor. Well, if the film gets a star Bollywood girl and Puri Jagan delivers this time in Hindi, then Vijay D will be next to Prabhas there.

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