'Caste' Gossips On Balayya Is Not True

'Caste' Gossips On Balayya Is Not True

There are few media houses that always love to live on 'caste' gossips and try to fuel wars between celebrities, their fans, on the basis of their castes. Recently one such news item on Nandamuri Balakrishna has come out, where they mentioned that Balayya is trying to keep members from his own Kamma community at the bay. Forget about believing this, but fans are actually laughing at these gossips.

Apparently the piece says that all the people close to Balayya from Krishna district have moved to YSR Congress and that has upset the Nandamuri star. For that reason, he is said to have not invited any Kamma leader to his new movie launch recently. Well, this is quite untrue, because the so-called Kamma politicians who have jumped bandwagon recently are never regular attendees nor invitees to these film muhurat events.

Moreover, Balayya's two well-wishers, director B Gopal who hails from his own community and businessman Ambica Krishna (Vysa community) are present at the event, like all the time. Also present at the event are other admirers like C Kalyan and others, who are with Balayya at the time, and they don't hail from Kamma community. So what is this new 'kamma' colour that gossip mills want to give to Balakrishna is something suspicious we must say.

At the same time, one should open their eyes and ears to acknowledge the fact that Kamma community people are there not only in TDP but also in YSRCP, Janasena, Congress Left parties and BJP from a long time. And these folks are in various political outfits before NTR (or Balayya) came, and they will do so even now. So why giving a color to a community by hiding the facts?

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