Yash Gave Mind-Blowing Offer To Prabhas?

Yash Gave Mind-Blowing Offer To Prabhas?

Rumours and Prabhas go hand in hand, as the Baahubali star became a national level hero with that super hit fantasy film, and since then Bollywood media loves to write a lot about him. After loving to indulge in writing gossips about his 'love nest' with Anushka in Mumbai, here comes their latest creation.

Bollywood media is right now buzzing that Prabhas has signed a terrific deal with one of the leading production houses of Hindi industry, Yash Raj Films. Though earlier both Prabhas and Aditya Chopra have condemned the gossips, it is now coming out that they will be joining hands for the upcoming "Dhoom 4".

After Aamir Khan did "Dhoom 3" earlier, the hype and expectations around this fantasy have doubled. Though many thought that Hrithik Roshan will return to the franchise again, he has done 'War' with YRF but not a word about Dhoom 4. And the latest rumours in Bollywood circles are that Prabahs has signed the deal already as he couldn't refuse the mind-blowing deal given by Aditya Chopra.

Though the veracity of these rumours could not be verified, currently Prabhas is on a holiday again, putting even his upcoming Telugu film under a pause.

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