Karthikeya Scores 4 Flops In A Row In 2019

Karthikeya Scores 4 Flops In A Row In 2019

Seeing the kind of response he gets on social media after the blockbuster success of RX100 last year, young hero Karthikeya might have thought that he became a star already. This was evident in his speech during Hippie's release. Even though the film had bombed, he thought that it was misfire.

Even though Guna 369 was a decent outing, it failed to make money at the box office. He then thought that his popularity will increase if he acted as a villain in Nani's Gang Leader. But even that film flopped big time.

Finally, Karthikeya has pinned all his hopes on his latest release '90 ML'. Since the film is based on an alcoholic youngster, Karthikeya thought that the mass and youth audiences will throng the theaters in large numbers. But critics have given a collective thumbs down to 90 ML and declared that there is no 'kick' in the movie.

90 ML fell flat at the ticket counters by the evening shows on the release day itself. The film was sold for 7 crores and getting back the investments looks highly impossible. With this, Karthikeya has scored his fourth straight flop in 2019. Whatever fame he had earned with RX100 has evaporated due to the miserable flops of the four movies. At least from now on, the young hero should concentrate on the stories rather than projecting himself on the screen.

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