Young Hero Marries Secretly For Safety & Backup

Young Hero Marries Secretly For Safety & Backup

There will be many young heroes coming to the Telugu film industry every year to prove their luck, but all of them won't be getting lucky. Despite the fact that some heroes make their debut with noted directors, they tend to go out of the minds of the public in a shorter time.

One such hero who has debuted in Tollywood couple of years ago is currently struggling to find work. And this hero got no other backup than acting as he has never even done any job at a corporate company such that he could resume his previous profession. So he got a master idea in place.

During some trips to the USA with his friends, the hero is said to have tried to find a girl who has a green card, such that he could marry and settle there. And finally last year he found one lady who is already divorced but with a green card. He has secretly married her couple of months ago and the news got out when he recently appeared at US consulate for processing of his application, where some Tollywood friends have caught him.

He's said to have told those folks that this marriage is for safety and backup. Well, there are people of all types.

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