Highlight: Raashi Khanna's Tik Tok Videos

Highlight: Raashi Khanna's Tik Tok Videos

Inside the film Prathiroju Pandage, cute beauty Raashi Khanna is playing the role of Angel Arna who is addicted to creating Tik Tok videos all the time. Of course, the character is a reflection on the present day's society as more and more girls are actively doing Tik Tok videos and going to any extent to do the same.

While Raashi's Tik Tok videos inside the film are shown to us as a glimpse in the trailer of Prathiroju Pandage, her videos outside the movie are also stunning. Right now she's busy creating Tik Tok videos for Venky Mama movie also along with 'real' Tik Tok star Payal Rajput who enjoys vast following on the app. All of Raashi's videos are going viral now as many are viewing and sharing them.

Though some of the Tik Tok videos are appearing lewd for the "Nak Nak Nakoddu" dialogue and Raashi's expressions, still masses are falling for them. Going by that, while Venky Mama will get good promotion due to her Tik Tok acts, it looks like Prathiroju Pandage will have a major advantage.

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