Searching Marriage Matches For Young Mega Hero

Searching Marriage Matches For Young Mega Hero

He happens to be one of those eligible bachelors from the mega camp who is known for dating couple of heroines earlier. And now, as the heroes' flirting is going beyond limits, his family is said to have decided to make him tie the knot.

Apparently the hero is said to be proposing to a new heroine who has recently worked with him. He wants to go on a date with her, but the heroine is said to have laid a condition that she will be with him only if he gives assurance of marriage. The news has reached the family members and they are said to have warned the hero for trying to get into an affair with every heroine he worked with.

Understanding that the young hero is actually looking for a partner who could stay with him all the time, now the search has started to find a suitable match for him. But with some of his friends from the industry divorced and some not interested in marriage, the mega hero is said to be in a dilemma now, whether to tie the knot or not.

On the other hand, they say, who is ready to give a girl in marriage to this hero as everyone knows about flirting nature.

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