Who Could Rescue Prabhas From Confusion Mode?

Who Could Rescue Prabhas From Confusion Mode?

Superstar Prabhas suddenly slipped into confusion as he could not figure out where his film 'Saaho' went wrong. Despite all the good (and hard) efforts poured into the big-budgeted action bonanza, it tanked at the box office. Though producers might have escaped with minimal bruises, some distributors have lost big.

Unable to figure out where it went wrong, Prabhas is actually expressing that pressure on his next film, tentatively titled Jaan, as he kept on postponing the shoot. Though he has listened to the narration of other stories by the likes of Surender Reddy and Vamsi Paidipally, he hasn't given any clarity to them, after which those directors moved to other projects. One wonders when could Prabhas come out of this confusion mode.

As Prabhas went to yet another vacation leaving all these things behind, we have to see if this trip could bring some clarity to him. Or the likes of his good friends including Rajamouli should step in to give the actor much needed clarity about handling flops. Because, if one gets taken down by a flop, then there is no way they could recover and make a great film again.

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