Samantha Explains Her Silence On #Disha Incident

Samantha Explains Her Silence On #Disha Incident

One of the biggest bashing celebrities face on social media these days is their silence regarding various. When Rajamouli doesn't review every other big film out there (say Maharshi) or when Samantha fails to tweet about a particular thing, these fans get hurt. And recently that happened with our queen been in connection with the #DishaRape&Murder incident.

While sharing the news of the encounter of Disha's killer, it looked like Samantha felt the need to reveal why she hasn't responded on the incident in the first place. "I Love TELANGANA. Fear is a great solution and sometimes the only solution", she says, sharing the news on her Twitter page. But then she explained what is she going through.

"I didn't say anything about the incident when it happened because every message I received accusing me of not paying my condolences to the victims  was a reminder of how little I have done to help the women in my society and one tweet wasn't going to free me of that guilt ..." avered Samantha, pushing everyone into thinking.

Surely what she said is right, as tweeting a lot doesn't help on the reality out there, but only some action in that direction will help.

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