Buzz: Allu Sirish's Next With Cousin's Director

Buzz: Allu Sirish's Next With Cousin's Director

One of the most unsuccessful heroes among Tollywood, that too after coming up from an influential film family that harbors almost half-a-dozen happening stars, is none other than Allu Sirish. He's trying to prove his mettle from a long time, but scoring only flops at the box office.

After the failure of his recent venture ABCD, which has not even entertained the hardcore mega fans, Sirish is looking for interesting commercial films that could work out favour to him. We hear that that director Rakesh Sashi, who has directed the film Vijetha of his cousin Kalyaan Dhev (Chiru's younger daughter Sreeja's husband), has finally impressed him.

Apparently the new emotional story narrated by Rakesh Sashi is said to have impressed big time. The story has not only the needed commercial aspects but also it gives huge scope for the actor to showcase his talents. Will this film be his ticket to stardom? or the final shot? Let us see.

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