Chay's Love Story: A First For Sekhar Kammula

Chay's Love Story: A First For Sekhar Kammula

Though the release date of the film tentatively titled "Love Story" is in the first week of April next year, definitely director Sekhar Kammula and his hero Naga Chaitanya have managed to bring some attention to it. This is due to the teaser released recently. But here is another thing to be noted.

Many star heroines love to work with Sekhar Kammula because he always churns our films that have strong feminist aspects. Most of his movies like 'Anand', 'Godavari' and recently 'Fidaa' have those strong female characters that are more powerful than the hero. Though he carved movies like Happy Days and Leader, which are hero-centric, Sekhar got branded as a director who elevates heroines as the main protagonist.

However, this movie of Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi will have equally distributed characters and narrated more from the hero's point of view, they say. As the director is also laying emphasis on Chay's role most of the times, it sounded like has first time directed a movie with a hero, rather a movie with a heroine that also has a hero.

Hope the film will reach expectations and repeat the success of 'Fidaa' for Sekhar and Sai Pallavi, while Naga Chaitanya will meet another 'Majili' with it.

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