Pic Talk: Naga Shaurya's Chiselled Look

Pic Talk: Naga Shaurya's Chiselled Look

With Samantha's Oh Baby as a life saviour flick after a few flop films like Ammammagarilllu and Nartanasala, the young hero Naga Shaurya is leaving his fans in awe with his newly uploaded photo on his Instagram. The actor shared a  shirtless picture of his, while flaunting his chiselled and well-muscled body.

Naga Shaurya's caption 'Do what is right, not what is easy' depicts that the actor is preaching healthy eating and a disciplined lifestyle. The actor looks most impressive ever since the beginning of his career and looks like the actor also added a few pounds of good muscle.

The picture had a gym and its weight training equipment as backdrop with Shaurya wearing shorts and a cap, giving a confident and proud look, After all, he deserves to be appreciated for having the consistent motivation to achieve a dream body like he has today.

His healthy nutritional diet and constant workouts have made him build the bulk of lean muscle and his followers on Instagram poured in praises for his adorable transformation. Currently, busy with Ashwathama, Naga Shaiurya will be doing the film under a debutant director, Ramana Teja.

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