All Is Not Well Between Vijay And His Director?

All Is Not Well Between Vijay And His Director?

One of the sensational heroes of Telugu cinema is none other than Vijay Devarakonda who is waiting to score yet another sensational hit like Arjun Reddy or Geetha Govindam. After Dear Comrade disappointed him, he's putting total focus and efforts on upcoming 'World Famous Lover'.

Meanwhile, the other film that took off alongside this World Famous Lover is none other than 'Hero' in the direction of Tamil filmmaker Anand Annamalai. While the makers claimed that they have put a brake on Hero shoot because the VFX works need some time. With Vijay Devarakonda playing the role of a bike racer in this flick, they say that a lot of planning is required for shoots to do the CG work properly.

However, we are hearing reports that all is not well between hero Vijay and his director Anand, which is the reason that the film might have got shelved. Actually Anand is said to be upset that Vijay is not portraying anything new other than his usual Arjun Reddy kinds of expressions. As the director pointed this out, Vijay is said to have got upset.

Fans are expecting that Vijay will make an official statement about the hero and his differences with the director such that these rumours will die down. Let's see what happens.

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