Mega Cousins Missed Charan And Upsi Badly

Mega Cousins Missed Charan And Upsi Badly

You might have seen other day how mega cousins posed for a large group picture at AMB Cinemas after they finished watching the film Frozen 2. And naturally comes the doubt as to why the mega cousins have met on this movie date. Here's the snippet.

From a long time, mega gang of youngsters including Charan, Sushmita, Sreeja, Varun Tej, Niharika, Allu Arjun, Bobby, Sirish, Sai Dharam, Vaishnav, and other cousins, and the spouses of married ones, were planning to meet. But somehow they missed out Diwali and wanted to catch up on some occasion. We hear that they have decided to celebrate Sushmita's husband Vishnu's birthday the other day.

They all have met in Hyderabad in a black-gold dress code, and spent quality time together. Later they have headed for AMB Cinemas to watch a flick and then dined out at a posh place. Except for Charan and Upasana, every mega cousin is present at the event, while Saidharam's brother Vaishnav Tej is also absent.

Both Sushmita and Allu Bobby expressed that they have missed out Charan, Upasana (they fondly call her Upsi) and Vaishnav Tej badly at the reunion party. We hear that Charan tried his best to come, but the taxing schedules of #RRR haven't allowed him to do so.

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