Aswathama Deals With 'Acid Attack'?

Aswathama Deals With 'Acid Attack'?

The recently released motion poster of Naga Shourya's Aswathama has created a special interest in the movie. Especially the background score given by Sricharan Pakala got a rousing reception from all the corners. And here comes an interesting snippet about the movie's story.

Naga Shourya himself has written this story, which is being directed by newcomer Ramana Teja. We hear that the film is based on the premise of how the Mahabharata character Aswatham seeks revenge of his father's death, as his father Drona is tricked into a fake war by Pandavas and killed brutally.

Now the story of 'Aswathama' movie is about a gang that lures unemployed girls with a job and kills a couple of them, which also leads to an acid attack on Naga Shourya's sister. How this doting brother takes revenge on all of them is the story. Also, this has the premise drawn from a real incident that shook India sometime back.

Let's see how his own story works for Naga Shourya as he is waiting to score another hit after Chalo movie from some time.

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