Troll Talk: No Mercy On DSP's 'Mind Block' Song

Troll Talk: No Mercy On DSP's 'Mind Block' Song

Whether it is a good thing or bad thing, trollers always put their best foot in to take a dig at. And this time, it looks like Devi Sri Prasad appeared like a perfect bait for them, as they have started chewing him big time, crushing him under their creativity. Courtesy for this brutal trolling is none other than the first song, Mind Block, from Sarileru Neekevvaru.

Showcasing their creativity big time, trollers have now come up with videos where they are taking a huge dig at DSP. Apparently some of the trollers have explained the relation between 'Sailaja Sailaja' song and how fast-forwarding it with a bit of remix leads to 'Mind Block Mind Block' song. And then, few trollers made use of Nagarjuna and Brahmi's scene from King, where composer Jayasurya makes stuff out of other hit songs.

The video has Nagarjuna asking Brahmi to compose an original song and he gives mind block mind block song. And Nag's team finds out that the song is nothing but a rehash version of Sailaja Sailaja song. All this criticism is said to be worrying Mahesh Babu fans who are expecting nothing short of a musical blockbuster for Sarileru Neekevvarufrom DSP.

Well, all these trolling should be seen as fun things these young folks on social media usually do, but it is not a direct attack on the credibility of the song. For now, Mind Block song is showcasing its power on YouTube as it clocked 5M+ views laready.

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