Pawan's Strong Remarks: Mega Heroes Should Take Initiatives

Pawan's Strong Remarks: Mega Heroes Should Take Initiatives

Other day Janasena president and film superstar Pawan Kalyan has expressed regrets that many heroes of Telugu industry don't know how to write in Telugu. He made some sensational comments that present-day films are imbibed with boothulu but not presenting the beautiful form of our mother tongue.

Of course, the present 'tinglish' generation should surely agree with Pawan Kalyan's comments, as they can't read and write Telugu. But then, Pawan should also then stress on the issue that non-Telugu actors are taking a bigger pie here and giving chances to more Telugu actors will give chance to revive the dying Telugu language.

And mega family comes up with at least seven films in a calendar year if every hero from this family did a film each per year. So, what are they going to do to uphold the remark made by their family member? They should stop using English-mixed lyrics in songs and go for pure Telugu lines and should make sure that more Telugu actors will become part of their films such that the Telugu language will survive big time.

If an influential family like the Mega brings the change, then surely others will follow. Let us see what happens.

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