DSP Babu Ne Creativity Tho Mind Block-uuuu!

DSP Babu Ne Creativity Tho Mind Block-uuuu!

"Mind Block, Mind Block, Babu Ne Mass Look Mind Blocku!!" is what the song goes like, but then, is it really that mind block types is something we must see. Going by the comments we are hearing on the YouTube timeline of this song, surely Mahesh Babu's fans are in for a disappointment.

The routine beat and the rap-like song filled with 'Hamma habba' like hot expressions hasn't impressed the audiences for sure. As the film Sarileru Neekevvaru is running high on expectations surely some thunderstorm like music is expected from composer Devi Sri Prasad. But then, he has come up with very ordinary song where Mahesh's voice became the attention rather the tune and lyric.

Some say that whenever Devi Sri goes to deliver some creative stuff, he's tumbling big time these days. None of these experiments are impressing audiences. Also, rather than going for Blazee's voice, DSP's voice itself would have sounded more authentic and connecting. However, the song is bit appealing after anyone listens to it for couple of times as the hook like 'Babu Ne Mass Look Mind Block' is catching attention.

Inside theatres, milky siren Tamannah's crazy dance moves and Mahesh Babu's mannerisms might be the show-stealers for this song. #MassMBMondays

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