I will set the leadership for next 30 years: Chandrababu

I will set the leadership for next 30 years: Chandrababu

Responding to the criticism that TDP is getting empty, Chandrababu Naidu said he would silent his critics through his next step. He announced that he would now focus on the new leadership of the party. He said he would give a strong counter to critics who are stating that TDP is "done and dusted" and getting empty. Naidu said his party would give top priority to backward castes and downtrodden. "I will set the leadership for next 30 years. TDP will remain strong and alive as long as Telugu Jathi remains. The more you try to trouble TDP, the party becomes stronger. The party had overcome several hurdles. Nothing can affect the party. Leaders who left the party would regret later. It won't affect the party." Naidu, "Ika Bhavishyathu Nayaktvam Meeda Drushthi." (Now focus is on the future leaders of the party).

Chandrababu made these comments at the 'Atmeeya Samavesam' with Karyakarthas in Kurnool. He also announced a financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh to the bereaved family of a TDP party worker who had committed suicide owing to pressures from government officials.

Chandrababu Naidu has given an ultimatum to police department and government officials to not target TDP leaders and party workers for no reason. Naidu said the officials would have to pay hefty price for violating rules. "Governments keep changing. If police officials indulge in filing false cases against Opposition leaders, party workers with the backing of government, they would have to pay a huge price later," Chandrababu warned police officials.

Chandrababu has hit out at the ruling government for being biased towards its party workers. Naidu questioned why farmers are getting only Rs 7500/- Rythu Bharosa whereas YCP workers are getting Rs 8000/- Bharosa.

Naidu lashed out at Jagan administration for marring the development activities and pushing the state into dark. He said YCP leadership is crazy about painting its party colours and leaving the public to the last. He said YCP's madness has gone to peaks. "Temples, Schools, not even the cemetries are left over and painting all of them with their party colours shows the madness of YCP."

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