Strict Warning To Jabardasth Contestants About Videos?

Strict Warning To Jabardasth Contestants About Videos?

With the fourth video of his 'Jabardasth Series' out already, mega brother Nagababu is making sure that he reveals all the inside details that led to his exit from the popular adult comedy show. And then, some of the ex-contestants of the show are already talking huge about these videos.

A report is doing rounds that the makers of Jabardasth are quite unhappy with Nagababu and his revelations. However, as they cannot control Nagababu from sharing anything, they want to make sure that the current set of contestants who are leading the program towards huge TRPs, will not be responding on it.

As Nagababu is giving so many details about the show, surely contestants will be asked to speak about it by social media folks. And if the contestants refuse to speak, then they will be branded as anti-Nagababu persons or the ones who used Nagababu to rise but now ignoring him. Anticipating this, the makers are said to have asked these contestants to stay away from social media for a while.

Nagababu has been talking about the likes of Sudheer, Getup Sreenu, Ram Prasad, Aadhi, Raghava and others a lot on his videos. These contestants, however, haven't quit the show to join Nagababu's Zee TV show.

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