Thaman! Why These Biscuit Songs?

Thaman! Why These Biscuit Songs?

At some point in their career, music directors turn repetitive and deliver some ordinary albums that don't impress anyone big time. Even Thaman also entered that phase, but then he bounced back in no time. After hearing the songs of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, one could say that he's weaving magic again.

But then, music lovers are upset that Thaman's other films are not having a similar substance when it comes to songs. For example, none of the songs from Sai Dharam's Prathiroju Pandage or Venky-Chay's Venky Mama is able to create an impact. They are just like, you listen and they will fade out from the memory afterwards. Simply put, music lovers are saying that Thaman is giving 'biscuit songs' for those other movies.

Some say that Thaman gives tunes as per the remuneration he's being paid, as per the freshness of the story and as per the star hero who is doing it. That's the reason the likes of Allu Arjun and other big stars get super hits from him, while small heroes are unable to get foot-tapping music from the composer.

However, people close to the composer say that a music director coming up with an interesting directly depends on the director. For example, Trivikram infuses a situation so strongly that any music director will give him hit songs. So is the likes of Sukumar and Rajamouli. But when directors don't excite composers with their narration, then composers can't deliver great songs upon their own.

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