Sr Hero's Elder Daughter Dating a Flop Hero?

Sr Hero's Elder Daughter Dating a Flop Hero?

'Dating' is not a dishonourable thing anymore as more and more youngsters are indulging in that right after they enter teenage. Here comes the elder daughter of a senior hero who is struggling to make his presence felt in Tollywood, who is said to be dating a flop hero.

Apparently this young hero came like a star on the silver screen but has fallen like a comet in no time. He has however got some fame by taking part in a reality show and his relationship with a fellow contestant became a talking point. This flop hero is said to have impressed the elder daughter of our senior hero big time.

The two are said to be spending good time together and recently their friends have come to know that the two are actually dating each other. While the young hero is a bit worried about the rash nature of his girl's dad, the young lady is said to be quite daring and giving him the confidence to roam around her without any worries.

But this is not the first time she dated someone from the film industry, but dating this flop hero who is no more seen anywhere on the silver screen is the real grab.

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