Vijay Devarakonda Should Give Up F-Words

Vijay Devarakonda Should Give Up F-Words

Using F-word all the time won't make you a superstar or someone who would be identified with the millennials. When Malayalam heroine Parvathy confronted Vijay again by talking about the misogyny showcased in Arjun Reddy, actor Vijay was literally caught and bowled. And later he wants to say that 'The world is fu*ked up and they don't care about films any more'.

While Parvathy made her points humbly, saying, "Those slapping scenes could surely incite violence and affect a mob like a mentality, giving them more reasons to do slap their women in real life. I cannot make the director fix it, but I myself can't become part of such films, and can't love them", it is Vijay D's reply that social media is worried about.

However, the actor stated that he is not happy about the hadavudi these social media folks do when he himself is happy to have been part of that interview with Parvathy and others. Speaking at an event in Goa, the actor stated that social media became so uneasy that they always cash on him by speaking about him.

Well, maybe in the first place, if Vijay avoids using F-words, surely the discussions will happen around him in another way. But if the actor continues to stick to the same F-tags, surely people will criticise him more. Your work should speak bigger, not the f-words.

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