Megastar Chiru To Buy Vintage Items In Singapore Auction

Megastar Chiru To Buy Vintage Items In Singapore Auction

Like we revealed it already, Megastar Chiranjeevi's new palatial residence designed and executed by Mumbai based architects has everything of luxury inside. From Nizam-style designed rooms to modern indoors, from jade-decorated walls to Italian marble floorings, the 25K S.Feet house is beyond imaginable.

Reportedly Megastasr is said to have focused on decorating on of the halls with vintage items. And rather creating a vintage look with modern carpentry and architecture techniques, they are looking forward to buying real vintage items at auctions. That way Chiru, Charan and Upasana are likely to bring the real vintage feel to that corridor in their house.

We hear that a team is trying to acquire an 18th-century wall cupboard made of wood and glass and used by the erstwhile Nizami rulers. This item is being auctioned in Singapore by a popular artefacts reseller, and Mega family is trying to buy it out at a reasonable price.

For the now, like superstars Shahrukh Khan and others who never shared the inside pictures of their palatial residence, even Chiranjeevi managed not to reveal a single picture to anyone.

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