TDP Leaders Like 'Pappu Scene' A Lot: RGV

TDP Leaders Like 'Pappu Scene' A Lot: RGV

Director Ram Gopal Varma's latest film 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu' is gearing up for release this Friday. However, with several petitions filed against the film in High Court, RGV called on the media and issued few clarifications.

Firstly RGV spoke on the 'Pappu Scene' and defending it, he said, even TDP leaders have enjoyed that particular scene. "I just showed a caring father putting dal curry into his son's plate. But it's the media that highlighted it. My understanding here is all about a loving father towards his son," said RGV.

The media questioned RGV about the roles of Balakrishna and Jr NTR in the movie. Replying he said, "There are no roles of Balayya and NTR. But the film has an actor turned politicians role who launches his own party called 'Mana Sena.' Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu' is a political satire movie and any character resemble to real life is purely coincidental," stated RGV in his usual manner.

Adding, "I did not show anyone or a particular community in a belittling manner. If anybody thinks I did so then Lord Balaji will punish me."

On the other hand, the High Court has asked the producers of the film to give full details of it and for this the producers said they do so once the film completes censor certificate.

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