Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser: Sexy Bruce Lee

Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser: Sexy Bruce Lee

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is a huge fan of martial artist Bruce Lee and in the past he made film with the name 'Bruce Lee' but it never saw a release. Now RGV is coming up with a crossover film titled 'Enter The Girl Dragon' and the teaser of it is out.

It's a tale of young woman played by Pooja Bhalekar who too is a fan of Bruce Lee and wants to train in martial arts. She gets trained and when she comes across with bad guys, she smashes them left and right.

But this is not a complete martial arts film as there is a romantic angle too. The lady protagonist falls in love with in a young and charming guy who looks innocent. How this martial arts and romance tangled may be the plot.

Most of the teaser has slow motion shorts and the female lead mostly appears in minimal clothes. Well that's typical RGV style and also the teaser has Bruce Lee's words running in the backdrop which goes with the flow of the visuals.

Overall 'Enter The Girl Dragon' teaser makes a mixed impact which is over three minutes and that's quite lengthy.

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