Why Vijay Devarakonda Preferred A Low Key Affair?

Why Vijay Devarakonda Preferred A Low Key Affair?

Like we said already, Vijay Devarakonda has officially confirmed that they have moved into a new house, and this new abode is in Film Nagar, the epicentre of Telugu Film Industry. Guess what, people are right now discussing why the sensational star of Tollywood made his house warming ceremony a lowkey affair.

With few people like Swapna Dutt, Nandini Reddy and other close people to Devarakondas invited for the ceremony, many wonders why Vijay left out the top of the top celebs who would love to visit him anytime. Had Vijay called, there would be Karan Johar here, top Tollywood directors and heroes will come, but he preferred a noise-less ceremony rather a sparkling one.

Insiders revealed that actually Vijay wants to throw a lavish party at his house after he wraps the total interior design work. Once everything is ready, he wants to invite all of his celebrity friends and well-wishers for a grand evening. That will happen very soon, as the hero is looking forward to doing it before he starts up Puri Jagan's film.

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