On 10th Anniversary, Allu Arjun Thanks Sukku

On 10th Anniversary, Allu Arjun Thanks Sukku

One of the iconic films Stylish Star Allu Arjun has ever done is none other than the Arya series. While the first part marked the arrival of both Bunny and Sukumar to the film industry, the second part remained classic though it disappointed commercially due to T-agitation at that time.

Recalling about Arya and Arya2, on the eve of Arya 2's 10th anniversary as the film completes ten years of release (Release date: Nov 27, 2009), Allu Arjun thanked his team.

"Uppenantha Ee Premaki - Guppeddantha Gunde Eemito.. Soo true ... My heart will never be enough ... Thank you soo much for all that love . I thank each and everyone in my journey of Arya2. Thank you DSP, Kajal, Navdeep, Shradda Das and many more" he tweeted, recollecting a line from the lyric of that super hit song.

And he feels that gratitude for Sukumar in a big way. "No matter how much I thank Sukku for ARYA and ARYA2 it's never enough. Thank you for all the love" says Allu Arjun as he sings the song "I Love Youuu ... Na Oopiri Aagipoonena ... I Love You ... Na Pranam Poyena" for Sukku.

Currently, Sukumar and Allu Arjun are working together for the third time, but this is no Arya 3, and its a new story set in red sanders backdrop.

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