I Was Not Invited, I Came On My Own - Chiru

I Was Not Invited, I Came On My Own - Chiru

Mega Star Chiranjeevi's presence at Arjun Suravaram pre-release function had stunned many. While there was speculation that either producer Tagore Madhu or producer Raj Kumar is behind Chiru's presence at the event, none other than Chiru himself has busted it. He himself revealed the reason behind his presence at the film's event. Chiru revealed, "After watching the premiere of Arjun Suravaram, I myself have wished to attend the pre-release event of the film. So, I have come on my own. No one has invited me. This is first time, I have come on my own for a movie event."

"Producer Raj Kumar is another reason. He is very close to my heart. He is very calm and does his work perfectly. He never asks any favour. I always wanted him to become producer. But one fine day, he had come to me and said he had done a movie. It was shock to me. I didn't even know that he is producing a movie. He has asked me to watch the movie. I have seen the movie Arjun Suravaram. I liked it so much. The movie is very contemporary. It is very relevant and based on youth, education and employment."

"After watching the movie, I have asked Raj Kumar whether are you planning any event. He was still in dilemma whether to invite me for the event or not. He was reluctant to ask me. Then I only told him that I will come for the film's event. I told him to do the event. That is how I came for this event. No one has invited me. I have come on my own after watching the film," said Chiranjeevi.

Chiru further said another reason for coming to the event is producer Tagore Madhu who was handpicked by him. Chiru said he is extremely happy about Tagore Madhu being an established and a big producer today in the industry. Chiru wished both Raj Kumar and Tagore Madhu a great success with this movie.

Veering toward Nikhil, Chiru said Nikhil is another reason for his presence at the event. Chiru talked high about the film Arjun Suravaram and the depth of the story, character of the protagonist. He said Nikhil played a sincere journalist in the honest film. Chiru stressed that youth should watch the film. Chiranjeevi was all praise for the film and its team. This is enough for the film to go a long way ahead of its release on Nov 29.

"Nikhil turned action hero with Arjun Suravaram where he played a sincere journalist who takes revolutionist Che Guevara as source of inspiration. Nikhil did full just to his role and the film," said Chiru adding the song on Che and the visuals reminded him of his brother (Pawan Kalyan).

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