Class Of 2000s: Why These Actors Are Not Meeting?

Class Of 2000s: Why These Actors Are Not Meeting?

Bollywood's former heroine Poonam Dhillon who has attended the "Class Of 80s" reunion party hosted by Megastar Chiranjeevi other day has revealed to Hindi media that she enjoyed the superstar's hospitality. And then she revealed that Ram Charan has wondered by looking at all of them if their generation could ever meet like that.

Well, that brings us to the question, why is the "Class Of 2000s" not meeting up like the way heroes and heroines from other industry meet up? Especially the likes of Allu Arjun, Charan and Prabhas who have debuted in the 2000s could easily catch up provided with the chemistry they have. Though seniors, Jr NTR and Mahesh are also those fun-loving guys who would like to party always. On that note, imagine how these heroes catch up and hang out like their predecessors.

Sometime back, Allu Arjun was said to have hosted a special meet of young heroes and heroines at his farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad. But later, no such meeting got continued and our heroes started to live in their individual glass palaces without mingling with others. At least the likes of Charan-NTR-Mahesh who party together, should think of such 'reunion' stuff, as that will promote more harmony in the film industry amidst this huge competition.

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